Harmania makes the following arrangements for safeguarding the safety, health and welfare of those attending and working in the school.

This policy requires the co-operation of all personnel and shall be reviewed accordingly to changes in legislation.

Harmania wishes to ensure that as far as is reasonably practical:

  • The design, provision and maintenance of all places in the school shall be safe and without risk to health.
  • There shall be safe access to and from places of work.
  • Equipment will be treated and maintained safely in so far as is possible.
  • Work systems shall be planned, organised, performed and maintained so as to be safe and without risk to health.
  • Personnel shall be instructed and supervised in so far as is reasonably possible so as to ensure the health and safety at work.
  • Plans for emergencies shall be complied with and revised as necessary.
  • Personnel shall be consulted on matters of health and safety.

Harmania recognises that its statutory obligations under legislation extends to personnel, students, any person legitimately conducting school business and to members of the public.

It is the duty of all personnel while at work:

(a)     To take reasonable care for his/her own safety, health and welfare and that of any person who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions while at work.

(b)     To co-operate with the business in order to comply with any of the relevant statutory provisions.

(c)     To use in such manner so as to provide the protection intended, any suitable appliance, protective clothing, convenience, equipment or thing provided (whether for his/her lone use or for use by him/her in common with others) for securing his/her safety, health or welfare at work.

(d)     To report to the director without unreasonable delay, any defects in plant, equipment, place or work, or system of work, which might endanger safety, health or welfare of which he/she becomes aware.

No person will intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse any appliance, protective clothing, convenience or other means or thing provided in pursuance or any of the relevant statutory provisions or other wise, for securing safety, health or welfare or persons arising out of work activities.

It is the policy of Harmania to consult with personnel in preparation and completion of hazard control forms, to give a copy of the safety statement to all present and future personnel, and to convey any additional information or instructions regarding health, safety and welfare at work to all staff as it becomes available. Health, safety and welfare at work will be considered in any future training.

Hazards shall be divided into two categories. Those which can be rectified will be dealt with as a matter of urgency. Those that cannot will be clearly indicated and appropriate procedures listed beside them. All hazards shall be eliminated in so far as resources and circumstances allow.

It is the policy of Harmania that:

(i)                  Harmania will ensure that an adequate supply of fire extinguishers, suitable for the type of fires likely to occur in each area, is available, identified and regularly serviced by authorised and qualified persons. Each fire extinguisher shall have instructions for its use.

(ii)                 Harmania will ensure all personnel are trained in fire drills and allocated assembly areas.

(iii)                Fire alarms shall be clearly marked.

(iv)                All doors, corridors, and entries shall be kept clear of obstruction and shall be able to be opened at all times from within the building.

(v)                  Exit signs shall be clearly marked.

(vi)                All electrical equipment shall be left unplugged when unattended for lengthy periods and when the building is empty. Teachers are responsible for their own classroom. The director, is responsible for the office.

The following hazards (in so much as can be identified) are considered by Harmania to be a source of potential danger and are brought to the attention of all concerned.

  1. Wet corridors
  2. Trailing leads
  3. Typewriters, Computers, electrical instruments
  4. Fuse Board
  5. Electric kettles
  6. Excess Gravel on school yard
  7. Protruding units and fittings
  8. External store to be kept locked
  9. Icy surfaces on a cold day
  10. Mats in hall
  11. Windows opening out

To minimise these dangers the following safety/ protective measures must be adhered to:

(a)     Access to and operation of equipment is restricted to qualified personnel and is to be used in strict accordance with the manufactures instructions and recommendations.

(b)     Floors will be regularly checked so that they are clean, even, non-slip and splinter-proof.

(c)     Will check that roofs, guttering, drain pipes etc as far as can be seen are sound and well maintained.

To ensure the continued welfare of personnel and students, toilets are provided to a high level of cleanliness and are regularly stocked by the school. Adequate facilities for waste disposal must be available. An adequate supply of hot and cold water, towels and soap and sanitary disposal facilities must be available.

All personnel and students are not allowed to attend the premises or carry out duties whilst under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. Any person found breaking this rule will be liable to disciplinary action.

It is the policy of Harmania that all rooms in the interior of the school shall be a non-smoking area to avoid hazard to staff and pupils of passive smoking. Only one designated area outside of the school is allowed for smoking.

It is the policy of Harmania that the advice contained in the guidelines on the safe operation of visual display units, issued by the Health and Safety Authority be carefully followed. Any up-to-date information regarding hazards relating to the use of VDU’s will be studied and recommendations and directives implemented.

It is the policy of Harmania that a nominated individual be trained to provide First Aid and the school will contain at least one first aid kit that is regularly checked and stocked.

Inasmuch as is compatible with the practical layout of the school premises, anyone entering the school premises shall be required to identify themselves to the manager as relevant before gaining admittance to the school. Any contractor must make direct contact with the manager before initiating any work on the premises and shall be shown a copy of the safety statement applying to the school and shall agree to its provisions.

While work is in progress, any noise shall be avoided wherever possible during school hours and shall at all times be reduced to the minimum necessary. The contractor and his workmen shall not create any hazard, permanent or temporary, without informing the principal or his nominated agent and shall mark such hazard with warning signs or other suitable protection.

(1)     Cars are advised to drive carefully near the school entrance when collecting students.

(2)     If students are under 18, the school advises those parking outside school grounds to accompany students to and from the school premises.


Harmania believes in the sustainable protection of our planet and more importantly of our local community. We are committed to a continual policy of environmental diligence.

We understand the impact our business has on the environment and we have identified significant aspects which include but are not limited to:

  • Minimising the effects of transport
  • Recycling packaging
  • Minimising waste
  • Efficient use of energy resources and water

This statement lays the foundations for minimising these aspects and provides a framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. We will endeavour to continuously improve environmental performance based on the targets and objectives set by Harmania.

We are committed to minimising the risk of pollution, reducing the level of waste and emissions that arise as a result of the normal day to day business activities of the company. We recognise the importance of training and education of environmental management to all individuals who are involved in this business.


Harmania values and encourages the participation of children and young people in its activities that enhance their path to musical education and performance.  We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and are committed to ensuring their protection.

In keeping with this we will do all in our power to create a safe environment for children and young people in order to secure their protection.

It is important to ensure that normal practices and behaviour within our organisation actively promote delivery of excellent services to children as individuals in a safe engaging environment, where the welfare of the child/young person is paramount.

We will adhere to the ‘Children First National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children’ by having and implementing child protection policies and procedures.

In order to ensure mutual protection, personnel/volunteers/teachers and other organisations working in Harmania will be made familiar with the school’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures, Code of Behaviour and Health and Safety guidelines in relation to participation in children and young people’s activities.

A parent/guardian or teacher should inform a member of staff if there are any specific needs required during a child’s participation in any course/lessons taken at Harmania.


Harmania is committed to respecting your privacy and to complying with all applicable data protection and privacy laws.

This policy applies to all personal data in our possession and specifically includes the following customer information: name, address, fixed line number, mobile number, email address, all other contact details and any details that are required for financial transactions.