Is parking available?

There is parking available at the front of the school and is free of charge.

How do I apply for lessons?

You can phone, email or drop by to book. Please fill out the booking form and return it to us by post, email or when we meet you.

How do I pay for lessons?

We accept cash, card, cheque and online payments. We ask that you pay for the term upfront, you can also pay for the whole year.

Do I need to audition to attend lessons – I’m only a beginner?

Never! We at Harmania believe that every person no matter what level they’re at in music, has the potential to become and accomplished musician. So all you need is an interest and the time. We’re here to teach to how!

How old does a child have to be to take lessons at the school?

For individual lessons we encourage the youngest from even 3 years to at least 99 years old 🙂

Can I apply for lessons during the school term?

Absolutely! You may not have heard about our courses until later in the year, and it’s never to late to enroll in any of our courses.

I can’t afford to buy an instrument just now, how will I be able to practise?

We would always insist that students own or have access to their chosen instrument (obviously singers are an exception!). However, there’s always alternatives to these problems if you find you’re stuck. Firstly, ask around your family and friends to see if anyone could lend you one, you can also try through social network sites (eg. facebook) or free advertising sites (eg., you may even be able to pick up a free instrument on The German website: sell extremely cheap instruments if you can save up the pennies. If all else fails, give us a call and we can work out that you could rent one of our instruments for a nominal maintenance fee.

What do I need to bring to my first class?

If you’re attending the group sessions, just bring yourself and your little ‘un, we supply everything else. For individual lessons, when attending your first day, just bring your instrument (piano and vocals excluded) and your teacher will talk you through the rest.

I’m not sure what direction I want to go in musically, is there any advice I can get on this?

Of course! If you want lessons, but are not sure what it is you want to do, please drop by, phone or email and we will talk you through the various options. It’s recommended to actually come into the school for a proper chat as it’s much easier to gauge your needs person to person.

How long does it take to become a musician?

You know the phrase – how long is a piece of string? It’s a life long obsession. However, the very day you decide to take the lessons and give it a shot, you’re already on your way. We find that if a student works hard for even just one year and build up a well rehearsed repertoire (even if it’s only 3 or 4 songs), you can start calling yourself a musician at that point. Because of Harmania’s goal to train students by ear and because we make sure that each piece you undertake is brought to a high standard, you are very much a musician when you can achieve these elements. 

I’m on your database, am I going to get ‘spammed’ with newsletters and junk mail?

No way. We know how annoying that is. If you specifically want updates, just let us know and we can send these to you by your choice of communication (ie. text or email). The best way to keep up with developments, news and new deals of the school is to ‘like’ our facebook page and even at that point you can still hide us on your newsfeed. Harmania has a no spam, stop annoying people policy and that is one thing we will never let you down on!

For group classes, are the instruments cleaned on a regular basis?

Absolutely, we ensure that after each group session any instruments such as harmonica’s and tin whistles, are sterilised before anyone picks them up again.