Suzuki Group classes and General Music Sessions

One of the most pertinent elements of the Suzuki methodology are the monthly group classes. However, it is still an essential part of the Harmania teaching experience, all students are invited throughout the year to perform and share their music in an encouraging and non-competitive environment. This is where students learn how to adapt and communicate within a group both musically and socially. It allows them to explore a new faculty of their ability while having alot of fun.

Dates are generally set for the year, however if attendance for a particular date is below a certain amount, the class will be rescheduled.

We do our best to coordinate students of similar age and level to be in the same group.

Elements of Kodaly, Dalcroze Eurythmics and Music Mind Games are incorporated into these classes to offer a wider range of activties and options.

Harmania Monthly Musician Sessions  

There are current plans for smaller online Zoom group performances. Students and families will be notified individually before each session.